Temporary Rent A fence

We provide prompt delivery and set up. Our experienced team will deliver and install your rent a fence quickly and efficiently according to your specifications.

We only use high quality materials for safety and curb appeal. We install privacy screening to your rent a fence on your site. Tri-State carries several different types of rent a fence options based on your needs. We can also provide custom sizes based on your requirements

  • No matter how large or small of a job we can get it accomplished.
  • Temporary fence panels provide safety while preventing theft and adding security to your site.
  • Temporary fence panels can also come with a gate if needed or required at your job site.
  • We can install the in ground post driven temporary fence system on any terrain with privacy screening available.
  • The in ground post driven temporary fence comes in different heights according to your requirements. We offer barbed wire, tension wire and top rail for added security and strength.
  • Temporary fence panels are very popular among contractors and event planners for the convenience and easy mobility no digging required.
  • We use sand bags for added stability to the temporary fence panels installed at your site.
  • Temporary fence panels can be easily moved or adjusted as your job site or special event changes.
  • We are a very flexible company to fit your needs.
  • Privacy screening can be added to your temporary fence panels at your site at any time.

Pay as you go with no long term contracts

Temporary Fence Panels (above Ground)

         (Here are some of the sizes available)
  • 6x10 - 6x12 - 8x10
  • Other Sizes available upon request
  • In Ground- Post Driven
  • Green/Black privacy screening
  • Orange Safety Fence
  • Black Silt Fence